Support Services

We provide a full suite of geospatial science support services to faculty, researchers, students, and the general public.  These include:

  • Poster Printing
  • GPS Loan Program
  • Geospatial Licensing
  • Digital Scanning
  • Technical Writing

See links to the left for more information about each of our GSS support services or contact us here about your specific needs.

Poster Printing

We also provide map and research poster printing and scanning services to UNH faculty, staff, students, and project collaborators. Printing services can be accessed via the ESRC Poster Printing website at:

This site also provides access to poster templates, personal poster archives, and the official UNH Research Poster Gallery.

Contact us here for help with your poster printing needs.

Geospatial License Management Services

The GSSC helps to manage a suite of software licenses available through the Earth Science Research Center.  These include.

  •     ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Professional
  •     ArcGIS Online
  •     ERDAS Imagine
  •     IDL Envi


Contact us here to learn more about these geospatial licensing services.


GPS Equipment Loan Program

The GSSC has a series of professional sub-centimeter grade GPS units and laser range finders, peripherals, and correction software available for loan to faculty, staff, and students collaborators.

  •     Trimble Geo XT 6000 sub-centimeter GPS
  •     Trimble Geo 7X sub-centimeter GPS units with H-Star, Floodlight technology
  •     Trimble GIS Tornado Antennas
  •     Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Antenna
  •     Laser Technology LTI TruPulse 360R Laser Rangefinder
  •     Trimble Survey Grade Tripods
  •     Trimble Survey Grade Monopods
  •     Trimble Pathfinder Correction Software

You can fill out a request form here.

Contact us here for GPS equipment and software needs.


Digital Scanning Services

The GSSC provides large format, tabloid, letter, and slide scanning services to faculty, researchers, students, and the general public for non copy-writed materials.  Large format scanning can be completed on posters or maps up to 42 inches in width with a resolution of up to 600dpi.  Tabloid, letter, and slide scanning can be completed with a resolution of up 2800dpi.  Scanned output can be saved in .jpg, .tif, and pdf file fomats.


Contact us here for help with your large or small format scanning needs.


Technical Writing Services

The GSSC provides technical writing services to assist in the completion of research or project proposals.  This includes the writing of technical and data plans and text related to applications development, education, outreach efforts, and support services.


Contact us here for help with your next research or technical proposal.