The Geospatial Science Center (GSSC) is an embedded center within Earth Systems Research Center (ESRC) at the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS).  It's staff specializations in GIS, web mapping, remote sensing, spatial analysis, environmental sensor development, data visualization, and data sonification for the natural and social sciences.

Our collective mission is to study, use, and promote geospatial science applications, methods, and data to help promote the advancement of science, research, and education.

To learn more about the Geospatial Science Center (GSSC) or to find out more about how we can help you with your upcoming projects please contact us here.  


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The GSSC is always seeking highly motivated, bright, and creative staff and students to work with us.  We currently employ over a dozen geospatial science computer programmers, GIS and remote sensing specialists, and geospatial technicians.  Many students who have worked with us have gone on after graduation to work for nationally known organizations including ESRI, Rand McNally, HERE, CDM, EMC, and UNH.

If you are interested in working with a highly innovative and dynamic group using geospatial programming, web mapping, data archiving, GIS, remote sensing, crowdsource mapping, data capture, and digital cartography technologies, please contact us here

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding any GSSC services, data, products, research and engineering specializations, education and outreach programs, or support services, please contact us via the web form below or via:

USPS:     Geospatial Science Center
                  Earth Systems Research Center
                  8 College Road, Morse Hall. Room 253
                  Durham, New Hampshire, 03824

Phone:     (603) 862-1954

Email:       mike.routhier@unh.edu

Location:   Morse Hall, 8 College Road, Durham NH, 03824


Address:     Geo-Spatial Science Center
                    Earth Systems Research Center
                    8 College Road, Morse Hall. Room 253
                    Durham, New Hampshire, 03824


The GSSC, having its roots dating back to 1986, has a long and established record of working on high impact projects. Originally founded to help support the geospatial analysis needs of the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space (EOS) and the NH GRANIT State GIS data clearinghouse, the GSSC quickly grew to work on many projects of local, regional, national, and international scope.

To date, the GSSC has supported multiple multi-million dollar grants and hundreds of projects with study areas on six of the seven world continents including Antarctica.

To find out more about the history of the GSS contact us here.

UNH ESRC GSSC has particiapted on a variety of ESRC Water Systems Analysis Group Projects (2000-Present) for the study of macro-scale hydrology globally,


sub-projects 10

  • Origination Date: 1986
  • Current and Previous Funding Sources: NASA, NSF, NGS, NEH,
  • UNH Department Collaborations: ESRC, OPAL, SSC, EOS, Earth Sciences,Geography, Natural Resources, NRESS, ESRC, Civil Engineering,Environmental Engineering, Sociology, Math, etc...

  • Number of Current Employees: 14
  • Number of Years of Combined Experience: > 100yrs
  • Number of Students Technicians: 7
  • Number of Certified UAS Pilots / RS Experts: 3
  • Number of GIS / Geo-Spatial Analysis Experts: 5
  • Number of Geo-Spatial Applications Developers: 5
  • Number of Embedded Systems Developers: 3
  • Number of Students Employed Since Inception: ~75

  • Number of Students / Professionals Hosted on Field Trips and
    Outreach Events:
  • Number of Students Educated in Credit and Non-Credit GIS/GSS
  • Number of Students Mentored in Summer Research Experience
    30 Local / 40 Off-Site
  • Number of Students Brought to National Conferences/Meetings: 20
  • Number of Maps, Scientific, URC/GRC Posters Printed:  5,400

  • Number of Tb of Active Disk Space Managed: > 300Tb
  • Number of Tb of Redundant Disk Space Managed: > 300Tb
  • Number of Tb of Taped Data Managed: 600Tb
  • Number of Geo-Spatial Web Pages /Portals Managed: 67
  • Number of Desktop / Laptop Systems Managed: 20
  • Number of Servers / NAS Units Managed: 10
  • Number of Printers / Plotters / Scanners Managed: 8

  • Number of Database Records Managed: > 80,000,0000
  • Number of Satellite/Aerial Images in Archive: 8,000
  • Number of Model Results Archived: > 450,000,000
  • Number of Digital Maps in Archive: ~500


Michael Routhier
Manager of UNH GIS Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis
Simone Chapman
GIS Field Technician
Bridget Finnegan
Embedded Systems Development
Briana Fischella
Web Content and Metadata Manager
Stanley Glidden
Information Technologist / Senior GIS Specialist
Natalie Kashi
NRESS PhD student
Maranda Keller
GIS Field Technician
Marty Quinn
Collaborator - Data Visualization and Sonification
Ilya Atkins
Applications Developer
Taylor Goddard
Applications Developer
Sara Quinn
GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst
Barrett Rock
Professor Emeritus

Previous Staff

Nicholas Arnold
Applications Developer
Denise Blaha
Web Content and Metadata Manager
Pedro Campos
Embedded Systems Development
David Fillipovic
Lead Applications Developer
Lauren Gagne
Embedded Systems Development
Angela Howard
GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst
Kyle Kroboth
Applications Developer
Annette Schloss
Aidan Short
GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst
William Winslow
Applications Developer