The GSSC specializes in Acquiring, Archiving, Visualizing, Querying, and Disseminating scientific data and metadata holdings for researchers in the natural and social sciences. 

This page highlights some of the data archives that we manage.


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Data Discovery Center

The Data Discovery Center (DDC) is a digital library that provides access to a broad suite of data sets generated by the Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire EPSCoR programs. Current data holdings include atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial sensor data, imagery, model results, and survey data.


PLACE Explorer

PLACE, the Position-based Library Archive Coordinate Explorer, is a UNH geospatial search interface that enables easier discovery of digital map collections that can be difficult to locate through standard library catalog text-based searching. Through PLACE, users can zoom to a region and then locate and download all UNH Digital Library map pieces whose geographic extents intersect a search area. To date, we have over 3000 pieces from five collections: Topographic Maps, Air Photos, Field Trip Guide Book Maps, Geologic Maps, County and Town Maps.

The UNH PLACE geoportal was designed and produced by the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory at the Earth Systems Research Center here at UNH.



Providing access to LIDAR datasets and derived products archived within the NH GRANIT (Geographically Referenced Analysis Network Information Transfer System) database, this website serves the needs of users who need to obtain relatively small data sets, e.g. data for a town or watershed. For users interested in accessing entire collections of LIDAR, contact GRANIT directly and arrange for data transfer via an external drive.

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EOS-EarthData Library

EOS-EarthData is a digital library serving the earth system science community.  It is designed to provide single-source access to a rich selection of geographically based information including model output, satellite imagery, and vector data.   All data is freely available, requires no registration, and is easily accessible through a simple point and click interface.

To date, we have distributed over 1,000,000 data products to our users world-wide since 1999.

To find out more about the EOS-EarthData Library please contact us here.


MVH Landsat Clic 'n Pic

The MVH Clic 'n Pic is a web mapping data search interface that provides fast and efficient geographic selection and download of Landsat 5, 6, and 7 satellite imagery for the United States.  Users can simply click on a map to acquire thumbnail listings of available data for their location of interest and then pick which data they would like to download.  Satellite data is distributed by band and file naming conventions that accompany each file on their download page.


Click here to find out more about the MVH Landsat Clic 'n Pic.

UNH Research Poster Gallery

The GSSC is home to the UNH Poster Gallery Archive, funded by the UNH Vice-President's Office for Research.  These posters are created and presented by UNH faculty, researchers, and students at national conferences like the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference held in San Francisco, California, and local conferences such as the annual UNH Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) and UNH Graduate Research Conference (GRC).


Click here to find out more about adding your poster(s) to the official UNH Poster Gallery Archive.

Picture Post

Picture Posts are installed at forests, parks, and schools -- even your backyard. Each post guides visitors to photograph their location in nine orientations. Photos are dated, geotagged, uploaded, and shared on this site. Picture Post is a part of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) network. DEW supports environmental monitoring by everyone!